Friday, March 19, 2010

Bicycle storage in Japan


arbroath said...

That is inspiring.

arbroath said...

i thought the bicycle escalator was more facinating

you hold the brake and when you walk up the stairs the bike follows you if you walk too slow release the brake a bit

you cant haev stuff like this in the us cause of unsafe little kids that keep getting trapped in claw games

arbroath said...

took a half an hour to get the bike back?

 bet thats fun at rush hour

arbroath said...

What are you retarded dinsdale? That was 30 seconds not 30 minutes. I've seen these myself in Japan and they are very quick.

The bike retrieval was shown in real time. You see the girl swipe the card and the counter starts and the bike arives. Otherwise she would running around like an ant on speed coz the film is in fast forward. But she's not.