Friday, June 25, 2010

Smuggler has brush with the law over rare fox penises

A South Korean shopkeeper will face charges for smuggling thousands of arctic fox penises from China to sell as love charms, customs officials said. The 57-year-old tried to import 4900 penises through the port of Incheon west of Seoul, they said in a statement.

The body parts are from species of fox found in northern Europe, Russia and Alaska that are becoming very rare. South Korean law bans the import of body parts from rare wildlife species.

"We found out that some Buddhist shops and fortune-tellers are selling such parts out of superstition that amulets made of them will bring back husbands who have left their wives or help women find husbands," one official said.

"One piece sells at anywhere between 50,000 won ($48) and 500,000 won ($481)," he said.


Atypical Kansan said...

I have a guess as to how they're becoming rare... Stellar day today, Kev. Great stuff all over the place!

Arbroath said...


Rumson said...

The world needs to grow up and get educated, goddammit! Enough of this stupid crap. NOTHING is going to work the way this kind of shit is supposed to. Why do people still believe this nonsense? When has it ever worked? NEVER, that's when. Fucking useless imbecils!!!

Barbwire said...

Yeah, Rumson.  Those penises didn't bring much luck to the poor foxes.