Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Funeral parlour offers drive-through casket viewing

A drive-through funeral parlour in Compton, California, with a glass-encased chamber for the coffin offers convenience to mourners. Robert L. Adams Mortuary also provides a speedy way for well-known community members to be viewed en masse.

Elderly people don't have to leave their cars. Those who can't stomach stepping inside a funeral home don't have to. Families can avoid the complications of hosting a formal indoor viewing. And the disabled can roll through in their wheelchairs.

"It's a unique feature that sets us aside from other funeral parlours," said Scott Adams. "You can come by after work, you don't need to deal with parking, you can sign the book outside and the family knows that you paid your respects. It's a convenience thing."

Although the drive-through service has it fans, the majority of clients the mortuary serves still choose traditional indoor viewings, she said.

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