Saturday, August 06, 2011

Baboons kidnap and raise dogs as pets

I don't know where this is. The narrator says the name a couple of times, but I can't work out how to spell it.

Contains upsetting scenes.

YouTube link.

Update: It's looking like this is Ta’if, in Saudi Arabia. Many thanks Tsitsi!


Insolitus said...

That is fascinating.

Anonymous said...

I am calling it "baboon territory"

Also, is this considered "tool use" if the baboon yanks the dog around by his tail? I am just saying…

Anonymously Houstoned

Tsitsi said...

Could be Taif in Saudi Arabia. There are baboons there, I did a quick google.

arbroath said...

Hey Tsitsi, I think you're right!

Taif! I tried all possible spellings except that.

I thought this was in South Africa.

It's great to hear from you again. Are things well?

Tsitsi said...

To my non-native English speaker's ear it was the first spelling that came to mind. Now I'm wondering what it sounded like to you.

arbroath said...

I hear Tie and Eef.

But just couldn't work out how it would be spelt.

Anonymous said...

Why is that one dog wearing a collar if she was brought up by baboons?