Sunday, October 23, 2011

Man says he was thrown out of pub because he had an epileptic fit

An epileptic man says he was thrown out of a Coventry pub by an unsympathetic landlady after having a fit. Steven Crossfield was at The Vale, in Nod Rise, Eastern Green, having a drink with his girlfriend Tracy Cashmore, when he had a seizure. He claims the landlady told the couple to leave despite the fact Steven was struggling for breath and needed help to move.

Pub owners Mitchell and Butler deny their staff asked the 40-year-old to leave during the seizure. But witnesses insist the landlady even stood by the door and watched him “to make sure he left”. Steven and his girlfriend, both of Eastern Green, are so angry they have complained to the pub chain and to the Human Rights Commission.

“She told us to get him out as soon as we could,” said Tracy. “That was shocking. She didn’t ask if he was all right or offer to call an ambulance for him.” Steven worked as a care worker until he suffered an aneurysm or blood clot on his brain ten years ago leaving him with epilepsy.

On Friday evening he was enjoying a few drinks with Tracy at their regular but as they prepared to leave Steven began to have a focal seizure. He did not collapse but had to be helped to sit down and was shaking. Tracy gave him his medication with some water and rubbed his back to help him breathe before the landlady came over and demanded they leave.

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