Sunday, February 19, 2012

Starving dog's mouth stuck in metal lid

An abandoned dog has been found starving in Darlington after a metal lid became stuck in its mouth.

The mongrel dog's bottom jaw had gone through the jar lid, meaning the animal was unable to eat. Luckily, dog wardens found the animal, who has been named Oliver, and he is now recovering.

The dog is being looked after at Deerness kennels near Durham until a new home is found. Darlington Council has warned people they could face prosecution if they throw their dogs on to the street.

Dog warden Andy Wood said the dog probably became injured after starvation forced it to look for food in bins. He said: "It still surprises me how many people will just kick their dogs out to fend for themselves. If they ring us at least we'd be able to offer them some help."

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