Saturday, March 17, 2012

Man ticketed for tying cat to a rock after it refused to go jogging with him

Police in Lafayette, Colorado, ticketed a 19-year-old man on Wednesday on suspicion of tethering his cat to a rock after the pet refused to go jogging with him.

Lafayette police Sgt. Fred Palmer said the man, Seth Franco, of Lafayette, took his cat on a leash to the path around Waneka Lake Park. "Apparently, the individual was trying to jog with the animal on a leash and the animal was either unwilling or unable to keep up," Palmer said.

According to Palmer, Franco secured the cat's leash to a rock while he finished his run. A passerby saw the cat and called police. According to police, the cat was being attacked by a flock of birds while it was tied to the rock.

Lafayette animal control officers responded and found Franco retrieving his cat. Franco was ticketed on suspicion of "domestic animal cruel treatment," a municipal offence. "Our ordinance prohibits that kind of tethering," Palmer said. The cat was not injured, so it was released to its owner, Palmer said.


NellieVaughn said...

Cats usually just lied down and resist you when you leash them. A friend told me. I swear.

DJ said...

Taking a cat jogging?? Maybe we need to do an intelligence test on people before they can have a pet.