Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3,000 compete in world's first goldfish beauty pageant

Three thousand goldfish from 14 countries locked gills to compete in an international beauty pageant in China.

Contestants at the International Goldfish Championships, the first of its kind, were put on display in rows of bowls in Fuzhou, battling it out to win the title of the World Goldfish Queen.

"We judge goldfish mainly by five criteria: breed, body shape, swimming gesture, colour, which is very important, and overall impression," said Ye Qichang, a member of the judge panel.

YouTube link.

Of all the candidates, a giant fish stood out with a weight of 1.75 kilograms, which Ye Qichang confirmed was very rare.


Ratz said...

I'm all for their (somewhat bizarre) competition, but I'd rather they didn't use the specially bred mutant ones that have two tails, bulging eyes etc. The poor things barely look like fish anymore and are so non-hydrodynamic they don't live half as long as a fish-shaped goldfish.

Anonymous said...

The losers get to be sushi.