Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Anything good on TV today?

The Christmas edition of the 'RTÉ Guide' in Ireland includes this interesting description of the Queen's speech. An RTÉ spokesman appeared to blame the French – or at least, an Irish-owned editing company operating in France.

But the managing director of Presse Media 81, which provides the listings for the 'RTÉ Guide', said it was an unfortunate error. Julian Kindness said: "It was very straightforward and an innocuous but unfortunate use of the word 'lectures'."

"In hindsight", he added: "'addresses' would have been more appropriate. There was no political slight, no malice intended, no smart-arsed sub-context or attempt to sneak in a Christmas howler.

"The listings editor used 'lecture' not meaning 'giving out to', but meaning 'giving a lecture', like delivering a university lecture. It was a straightforward, unfortunate use of the word."


Ratz said...

But who hates the British more? The Irish or the French?

SteveC said...

I live in Ireland but I don't buy the RTE Guide. I'm a bit disappointed that when in a recession that RTE is using a editing company based in France. Even though Irish owned, I assume its not staffed with Irish.

As for who hates the British more, when asked who is a persons favorite rugby team the usual answer I hear is 'Ireland, and anyone playing against England...'