Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Meanwhile in Scotland

Edinburgh chip shop, Cafe Piccante, is claiming to be the first in 
Scotland to offer deep-fried Christmas pudding.

Boss Selim Sener said customers couldn’t get enough of the 
calorie-laden festive dish.

He said: “It might sound a bit odd but it’s very nice.”


Barbwire said...

Another lousy export from my country! The county fairs, especially in the South, started deep frying everything. As with guns, please don't blame us all.

Anonymous said...

You invent television, pneumatic tyres, the telephone, tarmacadam that the World's traffic runs on, export the philosophies necessary for modrn democratic society, discover disinfectant, penecillin gene sequencing and clone the first organism Dolly the Sheep, etc. etc. and what credit do you get?
Then you deep-fry one bl**dy Christmas pudding! ;-)