Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Bumbling would-be burglar burst into pharmacy through ceiling

An attempt to break into a Philadelphia pharmacy did not go exactly as planned. The robbery happened at about 3:05 pm on Nov. 22nd at the Healing Pharmacy located in the city’s Germantown section.

According to investigators, two suspects climbed onto the building’s roof and had a plan of getting entry into the business by breaking a hole through the roof. As one of the suspects attempted to climb through the hole, the ceiling gave way and the suspect came crashing down from the ceiling and landed hard onto the floor.

YouTube link.

Once on the ground, the suspect seemed dazed, but he eventually got up and went over to the prescription pill area. The suspect took assorted items and placed them into a black backpack. The suspect’s clumsiness continued as he took several tries and several falls down before he was able to climb back up into the ceiling.

Both suspects then ran away through the rear driveway. Police say the suspect inside the pharmacy left behind the backpack and a white construction hard hat.

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