Monday, December 31, 2012

Children banned from being carried in shopping trolleys for being unhygienic

Health and safety officials have banned children from being carried in supermarket trolleys because they claim it is "unhygienic."

Swiss chain Migros has introduced new rules banning youngsters from being ferried around their shops unless they are in trolley baby seats.

They claim customers had complained that tots standing in the main trolley basket could contaminate food with their shoes or dirty nappies. Store manager Eve Pfeiffer explained: "People say it is unhygienic and it makes the trolleys dirty."

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But one mother said: "They're idiots if they they think parents have got time to worry about this. What are you supposed to do if you have two children - take two trolleys?"


Anonymous said...

Perhaps she could leave them at home, or not birth more than she can care for.

WilliamRocket said...

How about having some trolleys on which the baskets are only 300mm deep. That would stop people putting their children in as they would fall out and it would save my back from bending over 36 times when I am at the checkout.