Monday, December 31, 2012

Trekker with only potatoes and naan bread fined for lack of preparation

A man, who went on a three day trek in the Blue Mountains in Australia with only potatoes and naan bread in his pack, has been fined for his alleged lack of preparation. On Wednesday afternoon a 29-year-old Victorian man was dropped off by friends at Newnes near Lithgow. He had told them he planned to walk from there to Colo Heights. The 29-year-old estimated the trek would take three nights.

When he did not reach the intended rendezvous point at Colo Heights by Saturday, his friends contacted police and a search began. Police helicopters, Polair 2 and 3, along with volunteers from VRA and SES assisted in the search “Polair 2” found him in the Wolgan Valley while its sister craft “Polair 3” was able to winch the 29-year-old to safety.

The Victorian man was found to have a minor ankle injury. After declining treatment, the man was taken to Katoomba Police Station and spoken to about his time in the bush. NSW Police Force Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit Commander Brenton Charlton said the man was issued at $500 infringement notice for “engage in activity that risks the safety of self/others”.

The fine was issued under the National Parks and Wildlife Regulations of 2009. “When the man set out he had with him a kilo of potatoes and naan bread,” Inspector Charlton said. “We believed the 29-year-old placed himself and the search teams at risk through his lack of planning and preparation, and through carrying inadequate provisions.”


Miss Cellania said...

A kilo of potatoes? Where I come from, that's one potato.

arbroath said...

One potato weighing over 2lb?


Anonymous said...

Seeing some of the numpties that end up being rescued in the UK hills because all they have are trainers, a pac-a-mac and a can of lager, perhaps we need to start something like that here!