Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Russian orphan gets new ear after writing to Santa

Russian teenager Danyil Salnikov, 16, who has spent most of his life living in an orphanage in Russia's eastern city of Novosibirsk is getting a new ear after writing a note to Santa.

The teenager who was born with his right ear twice the size of his left, wrote to Santa, joining the younger children in asking for what he most wanted.

Staff at the orphanage, who try to get local firms to donate presents for the children, found a clinic to give Daniel an operation to give him two ears the same size.

YouTube link.

"I'm glad I could help fulfill the dream of the orphan," said plastic surgeon Vadim Yegorov. In a few days time Daniel's bandages will be removed, giving him the appearance he has always desired.


Anonymous said...

Video not much good unless you're fluent in Russian.

arbroath said...

Surprisingly, millions of Russian people are.

And a handful of them regularly visit this page.

However, the video also gives quite a good pictorial illustration of Daniel and his affliction over the years.

sooz said...

I hope to see the followup!

tony m said...

Another great story from arbroath.I hope we see a followup too.