Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Witchdoctor arrested for buying faeces from children

A Ugandan witchdoctor who has been buying children’s faeces for unknown reasons has been arrested in Nsambya. Moses Oguiti, according to concerned residents, has been buying children faeces for sh15,000 - sh20,000 (£3.50 - £4.60, $5.50 - $7.40) and burning it in neighbours’ charcoal stoves.

Moses, according to worried residents, would also send out children to collect faeces and he would pay them a small fee. Sometimes he would ask them to defecate in a designated area where he would remove the waste and burn it . The Nsambya police post boss, Jeff Ssebuyungo, said Oguiti has been collecting faeces for suspected malicious intentions.

The bizarre case was reported when children gave different accounts of the witchdoctor sending them to collect faeces. Residents, led by the Sofia Nankya, who heads traditional healers in the area, got hold of Oguiti and demanded that he explains his actions. He took them where he has been burning the waste from and also led them to his house, which was fenced off with a high perimeter wall from intruders’ eyes.

Nankya said that Oguiti did not posses any letter from their association permitting him to practice traditional medicine and did not even know who the leaders were. She said she was shutting down his business until he went through the right procedures to continue practicing his trade. Oguiti however denied the accusations and begged for forgiveness for practicing his trade using uncouth methods. Ssebuyungo however said Oguiti would be charged with child abuse and impersonation.

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