Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bald toothless shoplifter stole hair and dental products

A shoplifter stole a toothbrush and hair grooming products despite despite being toothless and bald. Carl Ascott, 40, pleaded guilty to three counts of theft in Truro, Cornwall, despite not even remembering the crimes.

Anita Kennett, prosecuting, told Truro Magistrates Court Ascott was a “perpetual thief and drug user.” He could not remember stealing the hair products and a toothbrush but admitted to taking anyway, she said.

Paul Gallagher, defending Ascott, said he was homeless, drinking heavily and taking drugs at the time. Mr Gallagher said: “A couple of years ago he was quite happy to sit on the street corner drinking his cans of lager and taking drugs. But now he’s somebody who wants to sort himself out.”

Chairman John Chandler said Ascott’s criminal record was “very serious” and handed him an eight-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months. Ascott, of Praze, Cornwall, was also ordered to pay compensation and £85 costs, to be deducted from his benefits payments.

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