Monday, January 14, 2013

Belgian lady making short drive to Brussels followed GPS and ended up in Croatia

A 67-year-old woman from Hainaut Province in Wallonia, Belgium wanted to drive to Brussels. She put the details into her GPS, and eventually ended up 1,450 km away in Zagreb, capital of Croatia. "I was absent-minded so I kept on putting my foot down," she said.

Sabine Moureau started her journey in Erquelinnes on the morning of last Saturday week. "I was going to pick up my friend in the Brussels North Station" she said. The journey should have taken about an hour. Sabine said: "I switched on the GPS and punched in the address.

"Then I started out. My GPS seemed a bit wonky. It sent me on several diversions and that's where it must have gone wrong." I saw tons of different signposts, first in French, later in German, Cologne, Aachen, Frankfurt ...  but I kept on driving."

Sabine had to fill up twice and slept a few hours by the wayside, but claims she never really caught on to the fact that she might be on the wrong track. "It was only when I ended up in Zagreb that I realised I was no longer in Belgium." Meanwhile Sabine's friend had arrived at her home under her own steam. They were reunited two days later after Sabine made the same journey in reverse.


Anonymous said...

Not the brightest penny eh?

Gareth said...

I'm always suspicious when people blame sat nav for this sort of thing. Firstly because you'd have to be a complete idiot to follow sat nav instructions. And secondly because there is never any corroboration that the sat nav genuinely made the error. Certainly I've never heard of a case where somebody could replicate the error. I suspect in this, as in many other similar cases, the error lies with the user. Maybe she put in the wrong address?