Monday, January 14, 2013

Senator suggested using rum to catch fugitive pigs before police shot them dead

Nigel Scullion, Senator of Australia's Northern Territory said the key to capturing a band of rogue pigs on the loose in Darwin was to get them drunk. The three pigs had been running rings around police and council workers for days, dashing across roads and exploring a local golf course.

One of the pigs, Wiggy, returned home on Sunday morning but police said they had been given permission to shoot the other two fugitives. Senator Scullion says he has caught a few pigs in his time, and said an alcoholic snack would be a simple way to catch the pigs. "Pigs, like anyone, it's Christmas time, they don't mind a drink, as long as they're off the road," he said.

"They should have used a bit of some mashed sweet corn, molasses and half a bottle of rum. They're big eaters and they obviously don't mind a tipple. And look that's the safest and the most humane way to deal with them, is to just give them a bit of a drink."

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He says it would have taken a maximum of 45 minutes to catch the pigs using his method. "You can just simply walk up, they are completely compliant, straight in the back of the paddy wagon and they can go and get processed," he said. The days-long saga later reached a close, with officers shooting the two animals at Darwin's Bagot Aboriginal Community.

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Anonymous said...

that's still the way we once trapped birds that gotten into a church (where we needed to record a choir days later)
fed 'em grain soaked in alcohol : we just had to pick 'em up afterwards, garantuee 'em a good couple of hours sleep in a cage, & gave 'em decent food afterwards & they flew off
"good thing done"