Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Row over defrosting waffles led to man's drug conviction

A man turned to drugs to de-stress following a heated row with his girlfriend over defrosting waffles. Jamie Paddison of  Grantham, Lincolnshire  admitted possession of cannabis after being found carrying the Class B drug on December 19.

Bill Fraser, defending, told the court Paddison had made good progress in reducing his use of the drug but had a habit of turning to it in times of stress, as he did following a row with his girlfriend. Mr Fraser added: “The row was about how they should have defrosted their waffles - which seems a bit bizarre to me.”

Police officers approached Mr Paddison as he was a passenger in a car parked in Bridge End Road in Grantham. The driver was also found with cannabis but received only a warning. Paddison, 23, had to be charged because of a previous conviction.

Mr Fraser said: “The officer did indicate he wished he did not have to charge Mr Paddison but because of his previous convictions he had to.” Paddison, who has recently been made redundant, was ordered to complete 40 hours of unpaid work and pay £85 in costs and a £60 surcharge.

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