Friday, February 08, 2013

Raccoons bring 150 foot tower crane to a halt after setting up home behind the cab

Two raccoons climbed 150 feet up a tower crane in Ballard, Seattle, creating a home behind the crane’s cab and temporarily bringing the giant machine to a halt. The crane is being used to build a 304-unit apartment complex. 

A crane operator spotted the raccoons while ascending the tower early on Wednesday. The general contractor, Rafn Company, quickly called experts, who unsuccessfully tried to catch the raccoons.

At one point a raccoon ran out on the jib, said Trent Kristjanson, who works at neighbouring Limback Lumber Company. “It was definitely big,” he said. “The thing was like a dog.” Experts have set humane traps with food to try to catch the raccoons. For now, the crane sits quietly.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a raccoon in a tower crane,” said project superintendent John Kellberg. The Rafn Company hope to catch the raccoons quickly and humanely, then resume using the crane. They said the project is already a few days ahead of schedule, so the delay should not set them back.

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