Monday, March 18, 2013

Serial men's hair dye thief jailed

A New Hampshire man was sent to jail on Thursday for stealing men's hair dye, while on a suspended sentence for previously stealing men's hair dye. The hair-colour thief, Gary Johnson, 58, of Newington, appeared in the Portsmouth Circuit Court, where he was given a four-month committed jail sentence.

Johnson was ordered by Circuit Court Judge Sawako Gardner to serve 30 days in the Rockingham County House of Corrections, followed by three months of house arrest under electronic surveillance. According to court records, Johnson was found guilty of theft on Nov. 3, 2011, for stealing two bottles of men's hair dye, a flashlight and vitamin C from the Newington Walmart. He was given a deferred six-month jail sentence, which later converted to a suspended sentence, conditional upon his good behaviour.

A companion order by the local court barred Johnson from shopping unless accompanied by a friend or family member and having a list of items to be purchased and sufficient funds to buy them. He was also fined $1,000, which was paid, according to court records. On Sept. 30, 2012, Johnson was arrested again, this time by Portsmouth police, who allege he stole men's hair dye from the Islington Street Hannaford supermarket.

Police charged Johnson with a felony under state law, which makes a third theft charge a felony, regardless of the value of the stolen item. On Feb. 14, Newington police asked a judge to impose the suspended sentence because of Johnson's subsequent arrest in Portsmouth, and he was sentenced to six months in jail. Johnson's attorney, Peter Anderson, successfully petitioned the court for Thursday's sentencing hearing, stating his client was entitled to debate the terms of his jail sentence before it was imposed.

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