Tuesday, June 18, 2013

£47,000 package holiday for dogs launched

The ultimate luxury dog holiday, involving pampering at Harrods and a reiki masterclass, has been launched. The closest most dogs get to a holiday is a week in the kennels. That was until The Paw Seasons canine holiday resort decided to offer something a great deal more luxurious. Guests receive their own private suite for a fortnight, equipped with mod-cons including a screen showing favourite films such as Lassie and 101 Dalmations and with dog-friendly popcorn to chew on.

Every element of a dog's health and fitness will be cared for, with outdoor activities including a surfing lesson and a run along the beach with Dai Greene, the 400m hurdle Commonwealth & World Champion. For that "best in show" look, a spa and grooming session will be put on at Harrod's Pet Spa, which involves an aromatherapy bath and body masssage, a wash and fluff dry and even a pedicure.

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When out for walkies, Paw Seasons guests will be the envy of all the neighbourhood mutts, dressed nose to tail in a luxury wardrobe of Louis Vuitton collar, Bottega Veneta lead and Mulberry rain mac. Even the lucky dog's spiritual wellbeing will be attended to, with reiki sessions on offer from Rob Fellow, a practitioner and a Master Teacher Member of the UK Reiki Federation. If all the pampering brings out the prima dona in guest pooches, dog behavioural expert and author Stan Rawlinson will be on hand to discourage any spoilt tendancies.

Owners are not permitted on the holiday in Long Ashton, Bristol, but Paw Seasons staff promise to keep them updated on what their pets are doing via Facebook and YouTube. Homesickness is unlikely to ruin the holiday however, as, in probably the most ostentatious touch, each dog will be given its own, custom-made doghouse - a replica of their owner's home. The package costs £47,000 per dog, with a £8,400 donation of the profits going to Battersea Dogs Home and Cancer Research.


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Nice idea for the 'other half' to pamper their pets....., but maybe just a little bit OTT and expensive?!!