Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cat burglar has amassed a veritable array of stolen property

A light-pawed cat has achieved notoriety after developing a taste for helping himself to the neighbours’ property. The owners of Theo, a three-year-old Siamese cross, have discovered items including a phone charger, a pair of rubber gardening gloves and a packet of crisps in their Ipswich home – all of which have been stolen by their thieving cat. 

Paul Edwards and girlfriend Rachael Drouet uncovered Theo’s criminal tendencies when they found cat toys in their house which they knew neither of them had bought. Mr Edwards said: “Theo started letting himself in through our near neighbours’ cat flap to play with their cat. But then we realised it had turned from innocent visits to him bringing cat toys home with him.”

Since then, the problem has escalated with Theo pilfering a long list of random items ranging from an 18-inch feather duster to a muslin cloth, a fluffy pen and a clown glove puppet. Mr Edwards said: “One day, Theo brought home a gardening glove and then the next day he brought home the other one, so we now have a pair. We have no idea where he got those from and as yet, no-one has claimed the glove puppet. We have been able to reunite some of the items with their owners and thankfully, most people who know Theo are very understanding and think it is funny.”

According to Mr Edwards, the feline fraudster has a particular penchant for feathers, rubber and tinsel.” Ms Drouet puts Theo’s thieving nature down to the fact that he is ‘half Siamese’. She said: “He has quite pointy sleek looks but this is deceptive because he is really rather clumsy and prone to falling off things.  He has become a bit of a neighbourhood celebrity for all the wrong reasons. We live in hope that one day he might bring back something useful.”

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Brixter said...

That cat will be dead soon.