Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Carnage on street after 40 litres of liquid soap poured down sink

An employee at a company that produces commercials in the the Sumitomo Shiodome Building in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan, for reasons not entirely known, disposed of 40 litres of liquid body soap down a sink.

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With the company office being on the 13th floor, the soap had plenty of opportunity to aerate during its long descent, before the resultant froth spewed out of the sewers at pavement level, spilling onto the street.

YouTube link.

Police and firefighters worked late into the night to clear up the soapy carnage. Company officials assured the public that the soap was harmless and did not pose any danger to the public.

Via RocketNews24.


Anonymous said...

There've got to some clean jokes we can come up with about this!


Elena said...

That is definitely a perfect day to yell "YOLO!" and start a bubble fight.

Gareth said...

Carnage? Really? So how many people died?