Tuesday, July 02, 2013

London underground commuters surprised by big babies

Commuters on the Circle line had a surprise when four giant babies boarded the Tube yesterday morning.

They were there as a publicity stunt for some bookies, regarding a forthcoming birth into an over-privileged family.

Or something.


Anonymous said...

AAARRRGGGGGHHHHH! That is the scariest thing I have ever seen. Creepy. What is wrong with people having a go at the royal couple. I only hope their baby is better looking than these creeps. Sad, sad world I live in.

SteveC said...

Sure, I see it as a bit of craic really. Creepy as hell but all for a laugh. (Picture these fellas in a haunted house?)

As for the royal family, I have nothing against them personally. I'm sure they're nice enough. The whole premise of privilege from a 'God given right' seems a bit mad though.