Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Man believes his car is haunted by ghost of a cat

A mysterious meowing noise has led a man to believe his car is haunted by the ghost of a cat. Malcolm Pennicard, 69, of Great Sutton, Cheshire West and Chester, believes the pussycat poltergeist has made its home in his Nissan X-Trail, which meows three times when he drives past a specific junction. “I have no idea how it got there,” said Malcolm, who said he first heard the meowing in July. “I heard it the first time but didn’t think anything more about it until I was with my wife and it happened again. She said one of our cats was in the car and we should go back to the house to drop it off so it didn’t get lost.

“When I got back I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find either of our cats. We drove off again, same thing again. A meow three times.” Malcolm, who owns two cats, says he doesn’t believe in the paranormal but cannot come up with another explanation why the cat meows three times when he drives down Overpool Road past the junction with Charter Crescent in Great Sutton. “People have been suggesting all sorts of things to me – squeaky suspension, engine trouble but there isn’t anything wrong with the car,” said Malcolm. “It has really got me confused. I don’t know what to think. I don’t believe anything unless I can see it but this is something which I can’t see but I can hear. I’ve never been the paranormal type.

“I don’t know whether it is a cat’s spirit that’s knocking about but I can’t think of anything else.” Malcolm said he had even taken his friends and family to the same spot to listen to the unexplained noise. He said: “It is just at the same place and it does those three meows. It is obviously trying to tell me something but I don’t know what it is trying to tell me. I don’t know cat language. I told a mate from work and he wanted to hear it so I took him. The next time I heard it I was by myself. Then I took another mate and his wife to come in the car and I took them down to where it happened. I then let them drive down by themselves to see whether it was me attracting it or the car and they heard it.

“I then took my son down the other day to take different routes to see if that made a difference. I’ve had the wife, Dave, the lad I work with, my son Karl and also my best mate and his wife and they and I have checked the car loads of times and cannot find a cat in the car. I don’t know what it is. I’m trying to find out. It is uncanny, I’ve never experienced anything like this before.” Malcolm doesn’t have any theories about why the cat spirit had taken up residence in his car but has thought of a plan to try and get rid of it. He said: “I’ve been thinking of getting in touch with Nissan and asking them if this has happened to anyone else. One thing I’m thinking of doing is to head down to the junction early and open all the doors to try and let it out. I hope there is somebody out there who can say what it might be. It will be interesting to get a reason to put my mind at rest.”

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