Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Owner of roving mutant peacock found

The mystery of why a white peacock was crossing a road in Newbury Park, Ilford, London has been solved.

The bird had been strutting around Aldborough Road North much to the bemusement of drivers and passers-by. The owner has now been identified as Shirley Rudge who lives in the same road. Mrs Rudge said: “I don’t know why he’s suddenly taken to escaping.

“He was 500 yards down the road and when he walks you struggle to keep up with him. He’s a bit of a loner wanders off on his own.” She has 11 peacocks in total and says it is not uncommon for the male birds to go for a meander during the mating season.

“Sometimes the boys in the spring get out looking for girlfriends but it’s the wrong time of year. He’s now in a cage which is just against anything I have worked for,” Mrs Rudge added. This particular preening peacock was bred from two coloured birds and is classed as a mutant and is not, as often thought, an albino.


Ratz said...

He looks leucistic rather than albino.

arbroath said...

It isn't an albino, which apparently is why it's classified as mutant.