Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Man has set new world record for having the world's strongest face

Sweet Pepper Klopek has broken the Guinness World Record in Vancouver, Canada, for the heaviest weight lifted from hooks pierced through the cheeks.

Pepper lifted an 11.6 lb sledgehammer for a duration of ten seconds to blow away the previous record by a weight of 25% while his brother, the great Orbax, paid special attention to his face ensuring the hooks did not tear out.

Klopek said the strain was immense. “It’s an odd sensation, because that part of your body should not be holding any weight, so it literally feels like it’s ripping your face off,” he said, “like all the skin from your neck, head is coming up and over. It’s quite interesting.”

YouTube link.

This record marks the 11th time that the Monsters of Schlock have broken a Guinness World Record, and include the Most Mousetraps Released on a Tongue in One Minute (Pepper, 47), the Heaviest Truck Pulled from Hooks in the Back (Orbax, 9000 lb) and the Most Baking Trays Buckled Over the Head in One Minute (both, 56).


mendip said...

Looks like he had a face lift

Anonymous said...

Is there a Guinness World Record for stupid?