Friday, December 13, 2013

Dispute led to car being concreted into pavement

A disagreement between a car dealer and owner of a building has led to a car being cemented into a pavement in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The pavement was concreted with the car still in situ on Wednesday.

According to the foreman of the company who concreted the pavement Celso Antonio de Faria, the owner of the vehicle refused to remove it so it was cemented in place. "He said I could not lay a finger on the car," he said.

Mark Drummond, responsible for the car, said that the pavement is a public street, and the owner of the building had invaded the area. He claims he does not own the vehicle, but that he has the car to resell it. According to Drummond, the pavement has been used to used to display vehicles for over 20 years.

A spokesperson for Brazilian transport department BHTrans, says that prior to the work on the pavement they had received a complaint about the car, but when they went to tow it away it wasn't there. In the current situation, with the car now fixed in concrete, they can't afford to tow it. Mr Drummond says he will be taking the building owner and those responsible for concreting the pavement to court.

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