Friday, December 13, 2013

Spain's hippy pensioners mooned outside stock exchange in protest at cuts

Spain's pensioner activist group, the "iaioflautas", or "hippy pensioners" caused a stir on Wednesday with their bare bottom protest outside Barcelona's stock exchange building.

The group of ten were protesting government cuts to social programs in Spain's Catalonia region.

Their peculiar protest was a homage to Catalonia's regional Christmas decorations - the Caganers - which feature figurines squatting while doing their business.

YouTube link.

One Iaioflauta activist said, "Iaioflautas came here to do our crap against this government that is impoverishing us". The word 'iaioflauta' is a blend of the Catalan term 'iaio', meaning gramps, and 'perroflauta' or hippy. The group are very active across Spain.


Anonymous said...

Mooning is bending over, not squatting. They just look like they're taking dumps.

arbroath said...

Did you read the words?