Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dog has adopted baby armadillos

Faísca the dog has adopted two baby armadillos in the southern Brazilian town of Guaporema after developing a psychological pregnancy and producing her own milk.

The armadillos' mother was killed by a tractor in a nearby sugar cane field.

Dina Alves, Faísca's owner, says her husband took them home and began feeding them cow's milk.

YouTube link.

Faísca soon became attached and took on nursing and caring for them.


fred said...

Can't put my finger on it but something about these images gives me the creeps. She looks like she's nursing insects.

Flora Dian said...

Armadillos stink. Literally. They have glands located near the anus and when excited or threatened the armadillo reeks of sewage mixed with rotting carcass. Skunks smell pungent but sweet compared to armadillos.