Sunday, December 08, 2013

Man finds Jesus on block of wood

Committed Christian Robert Hamilton has been woodworking for over 25 years and does custom woodwork in Evergreen, Colorado.

He was putting several pieces together for a lamp he was making out of cedar wood.

On one of the scraps he found what he says looks like a profile of Jesus.

Hamilton admits that some people he's shared his finding with do not see the same thing he sees.


BoS said...

Appears mental.

shak said...

Any excuse to get your name in the paper. Even pointed out, I still don't see it.

arbroath said...

I don't see it either.

Kirk said...

I'm not seeing it either. Maybe if I poked myself in the eye several times, rub a hot chili in it and squint a little harder it might just show up.

Ratz said...

Looks more like a stealth bomber to me.