Sunday, December 08, 2013

Police file report against shoplifting husky

Employees at a Dollar General store in Clinton, South Carolina had a bit of a surprise when they caught a shoplifter in the act. The culprit was Cato, a husky who lives nearby. On Wednesday morning, Cato got off his leash and took off. And not long after his escape, the Dollar General store on South Broad Street was robbed.

“We didn’t know it happened because he just snuck in with the customers,” said store manager Anastasia Polson. Polson said it happened twice within a few minutes. She said someone had stolen pig ears, beef bones, dog food and treats off the shelf. She knew their surveillance cameras were rolling, so when she watched the film, she saw they had a shoplifting dog.

Video shows Cato walk up to the doors at 9:38am, but they shut in his face before he can get in. But he waits for the opportunity to go in with a customer, then back out in less than a minute. Then he’s back once again and inside for about three minutes before leaving. “We had to lock the door to keep him from coming back in,” Polson said.

YouTube link. Original news video.

Cato’s crime spree was quick lived. And he took the goods and buried them nearby. Cato’s owner Holly Darden, said police told her it was their best arrest ever. Cato did spend time at the pound, but he’s now back home resting. And police officers, tickled by Cato's spree, even filled out a police report on the incident.

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