Sunday, December 15, 2013

Woman allegedly attacked father-in-law with cane claiming he had stolen her dentures

Convinced her father-in-law had stolen her dentures, an enraged Pennsylvania woman allegedly took his cane and repeatedly struck him in the head. Jody A. Burns, 36, of Scranton arrived at Albert Zawicki's apartment at about 8:10am on Tuesday, looking for her dentures, police said.

Mr. Zawicki claimed he didn't know where they were, but told her to look around his home. Instead, Ms. Burns grabbed his cane and began striking his head. When Mr. Zawicki raised his arms to block the attack, Ms. Burns hit his forearm and legs, he told police.

After tossing the cane aside, Ms. Burns grabbed a ceramic mug and threw it at his face. Scrambling for help, Mr. Zawicki reached for his cordless phone and dialed 911. But Ms. Burns grabbed it, ripped out the battery pack and then threw the phone at him. Upon learning he called police, Ms Burns told him, "I will just tell them you raped me."

A dazed Mr. Zawicki told police he believes Ms Burns then left, but he wasn't sure. He refused medical treatment. At about 8:25am, officers spotted Ms. Burns. After a brief struggle officers handcuffed Ms Burns. She faces charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, harassment and resisting arrest.

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