Sunday, December 15, 2013

Store sold meat recovered from shoplifter's pants

A Superstore grocery store in Charlottetown, Canada sold meat found in a shoplifter's pants.

Jeffery Arthur Feehan, 29, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to shoplifting charges after he was caught putting packages of chicken breasts, bacon and steaks worth $71.32 in his pants in a store bathroom.

He was sentenced to 94 days in jail and has been banned from all Superstores in Charlottetown for one year. However, it's what store employees did after Feehan was caught, that has some incensed.

During his trial, the prosecutor learned that the evidence had been placed back on store shelves. Crown attorney Valerie Moore said: "That sounds strange. They must have been well-wrapped in plastic given that they were down his pants."

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