Friday, January 10, 2014

Desperate thief went to extraordinary lengths to steal cash from Post Office

In what is believed to have been an act of desperation on Christmas Eve, a thief targeted the Post Office in Failsworth, Oldham, Lancashire at about 11am. He went into the Post Office and initially demanded money from the staff working behind the counter.

He made efforts to open a secure door and then picked up a National Lottery ticket stand and flung it towards the glass screen in an attempt to shatter the glass and get behind the counter. After failing to smash the screen, the thief forcibly removed the ceiling tiles and climbed through the gap in the ceiling into the secure area, where he stole some cash.

Officers also believe the man was pacing about outside the Post Office prior to the robbery and made several comments about his financial position, including comments about not being able to buy Christmas presents for children and something else along the lines of "I have no money, may as well do the Post Office". He is described as being white, of a pale complexion, about 6ft tall, of a slim build and in his 20s. He was also said to have wide, pale blue eyes.

YouTube link.

Detective Constable Tony Anwas said: "This CCTV paints perfectly the picture of just how desperate this man was to get his hands on some cash. I believe he has made a spur of the moment decision to rob the Post Office, and has executed his plan in a rushed and ham-fisted manner. We believe he was pacing about beforehand and making several comments about his dire financial position and inability to afford Christmas gifts."

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