Friday, January 10, 2014

Man outraged over library beer ban became all shouty and sweary

A man who just wanted to drink his beer in a library in Australia's Northern Territory allegedly wrestled a librarian who attempted to confiscate it before launching into an F-word tirade. The unknown man pulled out his alcohol at the computer terminals inside Casuarina Library on Friday.

Warwick Mylchreest, 22, was waiting to use the printer when he watched the beer battle unfold. "He pulled out a long neck of Extra Dry and started chugging it," he said. "He put it down on the desk and the librarian sheila told him it's a library and he can't have it here. Old mate jumped up and tried to wrestle her for it.

"They both had their hands on it. Then she said 'you can leave or else hand it over'." Mr Mylchreest said the man promised to leave if the librarian gave him his beer back. But instead he sat back down at the computer. Mr Mylchresst said there were children present in the library at the time the incident occurred.

Video is censored.

YouTube link. LiveLeak link.

The librarian returned with the manager who told the man she'd call the police. The man jumped up, shouted "well call the police" and stormed off, shouting the F-word the whole way. Mr Mylchreest, from New South Wales, said he'd never seen anything like that at a library before. It's unclear whether or not the man got his beer back.

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