Saturday, January 04, 2014

Driver made unintended visit to collision repair business

One driver got the New Year off to a somewhat ironic start on Wednesday night.

A GMC Yukon crashed upside down into the Lone Star Collision vehicle repair business in the town of Colleyville, Texas.

Police believe alcohol and speed were a factor. The driver of the Yukon was taken into custody.

That person's name has not yet been released, but sources say that the suspect has prior arrests for DWI and at least one DWI conviction.

With news video.


WilliamRocket said...

I like it that they actually called this vehicle by it's name rather than, like they most often do, call it a suv !
Resist becoming an American clone ! Stick up for English ! Spell centre as centre ! Amereicans call herbs 'erbs, but hospital 'hospital'.

arbroath said...

The headline of the article linked to is 'SUV crashes into Colleyville collision repair shop'.

Barbwire said...

@WilliamRocket, we are two nations divided by a single language.