Monday, January 06, 2014

Man in drunken quest for frozen chicken found hiding in ceiling

Police in Australia's Northern Territory say a young thief broke into a shop and hid in the ceiling, in a drunken quest for chicken. Police responded to a report of an alarm at the Moulden shops just before 3.00am on Saturday.

Duty Superintendent Louise Jorgensen said on arrival they discovered the premises had been broken into. "They searched the premises and viewed the CCTV," said Supt Jorgensen.

Police then found a 17-year-old male hiding in the ceiling space. "He had broken into the kitchen area of the premises via the ceiling. From there he tried to steal frozen chickens and wing dings from the freezer.

"When the alarm activated and police attended he climbed back up into the ceiling and hid." Police allege the 17-year-old was intoxicated and armed with a hammer and chisel. "The damage he has caused to the premises is quite extensive," said Supt Jorgensen.

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