Monday, January 06, 2014

French couple sued for not helping drunk student who later drowned

A couple who in 2012 passed by a drunk 19-year-old student who was later found drowned is now being sued in France by his mother - an ex-policewoman - for failing to provide assistance.

Sylvie Zecca said she wanted to make an "example" of the young couple for allegedly breaching a French law which requires persons to provide assistance to someone in danger.

Her son, Vincent Zecca, went missing after a boozy night in Bordeaux in March 2012. His body was pulled from the Garonne river that flows through the city three weeks later. His family argued he had been murdered, stressing that one of his credit cards was stolen that night. But police determined he drowned accidentally after drunkenly slipping into the river.

Ms Zecca said she had recently been given access to the police file and decided to sue a young couple who told investigators they had come upon her "very drunk, near comatose" son and "instead of helping him, laughed at him, filmed him with a smartphone and let him leave." She instructed her lawyer last month to initiate proceedings. "I'm not asking for punishment, just that they be made to face their responsibilities," she said.

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soubriquet said...

When a person gets so drunk that they're passed out and incapable of looking after theirselves, the blame should rest firmly upon their own shoulders, and that of their companions while they were getting drunk, and also on any bar-staff who continued to serve them in that drunken state.
If the grieving parents want to point blame, then perhaps they should sue theirselves for not having taught their son a more responsible approach to alcohol.

The passers-by are not responsible at all for his death.