Friday, February 14, 2014

10-year-old boy who crashed family car on way to grandmother's house claimed he was a dwarf

A ten-year-old Norwegian boy took his toddler sister for a joyride in the family car, ending up in a snowy ditch posing as a dwarf, police said on Wednesday.

The children had travelled around ten kilometres (six miles) towards their grandmother's house when a snowplough driver saw the automatic car stuck in a ditch on a quiet country road in south-eastern Norway, according to the police, who were informed at around 6am.

"This seems to have happened on an impulse. He woke up at night, his sister was also awake and he decided to take her for a ride," said Kai Lyshaugen, a local police officer in the southern region of Vestoppland. The boy told the snowplough driver that they were on their way to their grandmother's house about 30 kilometres away.

He later told another snowplough operator that he was a dwarf and had ended up in the ditch when making a hasty U-turn to go home for his driving licence. The young boy and his 18-month-old sister, who was sitting on the passenger seat without a seat belt, were unharmed and cheerful when they were found. "He asked for help to tow his vehicle so they could continue their journey," Lyshaugen said. Police returned the children safely to their parents.

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