Friday, February 14, 2014

Tasered man's sister told to keep him away from toilet rolls

An Australian man who was tasered following an hour-long siege in the Canberra suburb of Evatt on Tuesday night allegedly possessed a kitchen knife and a pretend gun, fashioned out of toilet paper rolls and a bent fork. Marion Barac, 42, told the ACT Magistrates Court on Wednesday that he "fell off the wagon" and started drinking heavily on Tuesday night.

Police say they had rushed to a home after receiving reports that a person had been shot. Barac was at the address and was heavily intoxicated, the court heard. ACT Policing said they were wearing ballistic vests and that Barac claimed to have a firearm. They began negotiations, and eventually Barac walked out of the house, allegedly holding a black-handled kitchen knife, with a 20cm blade.

He allegedly walked toward police, who responded by discharging a Taser on him. Barac appeared before Magistrate Beth Campbell for a bail application late on Wednesday afternoon. He was charged with two counts of possessing an offensive weapon with intent. The first charge related to the combination of toilet rolls and a bent fork, which were fashioned to resemble a gun.

The prosecution did not oppose bail, although the court heard that police had concerns about the man's mental state, given his highly bizarre behaviour. Ms Campbell told Barac he had really worried police. He said he had fallen off the wagon and started drinking heavily, saying he felt depressed and missed his deceased father. Barac said he would not be drinking again. He said his sister would look after him, and Ms Campbell told her to "keep him away from the toilet rolls". Barac will appear in court again next month.

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