Sunday, February 02, 2014

Councillor blames his swearing at resident on fact he comes from Portsmouth

A councillor who swore at a resident during a public meeting has put his outburst down to the fact he’s from Portsmouth. Richard Denton White admitted telling Tony Weldon to ‘f*ck off’ at All Saints Church in Easton over plans to put up council tax in a Dorset borough.

Cllr Denton-White, who sits on Portland Town Council, grew up in Portsmouth and said it was part of his upbringing as a ‘Pompeian’ to defend himself. Earlier on in the meeting, the councillor told another man in the front row to ‘shut it’ after he started provoking him.

Cllr Denton-White, 67, who says Pompey runs ‘in his blood’ said: ''Portsmouth has got its own unique culture, no-one can deny that. I was brought up in that environment where if someone got in your face, you tell them where to go. Having said that, I do take on board if you are in public office, you should be above that and you shouldn’t react. I still regard myself as a Pompeian.

''It’s in my blood that I am a Pompey fan until I die. Basically I was taught that you have to look after yourself and you stick up for yourself.'' He added: ''I think Portsmouth people are lovely people, they are genuine, but I wouldn't say they are aggressive. If they feel natural justice is not being done, they will react and that means in a fairly forceful way.''

Includes audio interview with Mr Denton-White.


Ratz said...

I fear the only people qualified to be councillor are those intelligent enough not to want to do it. Perhaps having it foisted upon you like jury service would be useful.

arbroath said...

Hahaha, what a lovely description! :)

Anonymous said...

What Ratz said. In quieter moments, I've often wondered if we would have better government if otherwise-qualified applicants were found via written or other tests, and then drafted at random to _run_ for specific offices, after which the electorate could vote for their favorites.

Hmmm. Revolution, anyone?


Barbwire said...

What does Pompey have to do with all this? And it's Portsmouth, not Pottymouth.

arbroath said...

It's Portsmouth on the south coast of England, Barbwire.

The nickname of Portsmouth Football Club is Pompey.

Barbwire said...

Thanks. I should have realized it was a football club.