Sunday, February 23, 2014

Man tried to pay $24 restaurant tab with trillion dollar bill

Police in Sumter, South Carolina were called to a local restaurant after receiving reports of a man who tried to pay his tab with a trillion dollar bill.

The incident happened at around  1pm on Feb. 14 at an Applebee’s in Sumter.

Police say Michael Williams, 53, of Sumter tried to pay his $24 bill with a debit card, but it was declined. He then offered to pay with a trillion dollar bill.

Police were called, and Williams was arrested on an unrelated charge of contempt of magistrate’s court. The Sumter Police Department continues to investigate.

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Anonymous said...

Might have been Zimbabwean currency.

If you read down in this article:

you'll see an illo of Zimbabwe's largest issued denomination: ZB100 Trillion. So the guy was just offering chicken feed.