Sunday, February 23, 2014

Thai police intercepted tiger cubs in plastic boxes smuggled as delicacies

Police have arrested two men suspected of smuggling tiger cubs and hundreds of other animals in north-east Thailand.

Thai police confiscated five tiger cubs, 312 monitor lizards, 174 turtles and 11 tortoises hidden in plastic boxes in a pick-up truck, reportedly heading to neighbouring Laos.

Highway police conducted a search and detained two suspects who were driving the truck toward the north-eastern border in Khon Kaen province. Officials said all the animals were in weak condition.

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It is believed the animals were destined to be used in medicines and delicacies. They will be sent to Thailand's Wildlife and Natural Resources department to be rehabilitated.

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tony m said...

The perpetrators will prolly get a couple of years jail time, if that, and yet get caught with an ounce of pot and you can expect ten years hard time.So stupid.