Monday, February 24, 2014

Woman chased after flasher with Taser

A woman armed with a Taser chased after a man in Salem, Oregon, after he exposed himself to her on Thursday night.

Lisa Haecherl had just finished a long day of work at the Salem Center and was headed to her car at around 8pm. She had an uneasy feeling she was being followed, and once she got into her car, a man walked up to her and exposed himself. Then he started to walk away. That's when Haecherl turned the tables and chased after the man..

"I flung open my door, and I asked him to come back, and he started to come back, and I told him I was going to tase him, and I let my Taser off for about 20 seconds and he started running," she said. Haecherl wasn't able to get him with the stun gun so she jumped into her car and chased after him, cornering him between her car and a fence.

YouTube link. Original news video.

"He only had one option and it was to jump the fence, and he jumped it. He did not jump it gracefully," she said. Officers and a K-9 unit swarmed the area but couldn’t locate the suspect. Police are hoping to track down the suspect before he strikes again. Thursday’s incident was in the same area where several people were recently groped.

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Insolitus said...

Call me crazy, but I think it's outrageous someone thinks tasing someone and trying to pin them down with a car is an appropriate response to being flashed. While I do think it is disgusting and inappropriate for people to expose themselves in public like that, in my opinion she did the bigger crime here. I'm very glad she failed to hurt/kill the flahser.