Monday, March 03, 2014

26 people injured after elderly lady crashed pick-up truck into grocery store

Police say 26 people were injured after a truck drove into a Food 4 Less store in Las Vegas at about 2:49pm on Saturday.

An 88-year-old female drove the pick-up truck about 80 yards into the frozen food section of the store. "About 4 cash registers were just wiped out, then I went to the back of the store and there was a truck sitting at the end of aisle 6," said Cathie Blake, a witness.

Witnesses say they saw the driver clip a car in the parking lot before she went into the building. "She just kept on going," Tom Bennett, another witness said. 17 people were treated on scene for minor injuries, and 9 people were taken to hospital with mild injuries. According to police, 2 of the 9 people that were taken to the hospital were employees. One is said to be listed in critical condition.

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Police say he was working a register at the front of the store and was one of the first people to be hit; his body was dragged the full 80 yards to the back of the store where the truck came to a stop near the frozen foods section. There is no word on if the driver was impaired or suffered from a medical episode, although police did conduct a sobriety test.

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