Thursday, March 27, 2014

Synthetic drug and alcohol led to 'Batman's' downfall - Update

A synthetic drug known as White Revolver and alcohol led to a would-be Batman's undoing when he stole a children's costume and a bridal sash from a second-hand shop while wearing only a makeshift thong. Batman's alter ego has turned out to be Shannon Dewey from Cardiff, New South Wales, Australia, who has pleaded guilty and fined been $880 for one count stealing and another of entering enclosed lands.

The 35-year-old told Belmont Local Court he'd been to a funeral earlier on the day of his offences and "had been drinking a lot". The longtime drug user, who the court heard had cleaned up his act in the past 10 years, also admitted to experimenting with "White Revolver" - a synthetic drug - which he had never tried before. The stable hand and racehorse strapper was off his face when he left his granny flat at the back of his parent's home at about 9pm on February 26 wearing only a pair of black silk shorts he had "fashioned into a G-string" by pulling up his bottom.

YouTube link. Additional news video.

The father-of-two wandered into the back of second-hand shop Trash Converters where he was seen putting on a Batman cape and mask and a silver and black "Bride to Be" sash. The scantily clad caped crusader frolicked around the back of the shop for some 20 minutes before walking off. Days later on March 4 police searched his flat and recovered the stolen items, worth about $30, which he said in a recorded interview he'd found in a nearby car park. "During the interview the accused agreed that he was well affected by drugs and was unaware of many of his actions throughout the night," police facts read.

Dewey pleaded guilty to both charges. Magistrate Derek Lee shook his head while reading the facts to himself before admonishing a sheepish-looking Dewey. "What on Earth were you doing this day Mr Dewey?" the magistrate asked. Dewey swapped one cape for another as he fled court after being fined $550 for stealing and $330 for the trespass offence, exiting the building with his suit jacket covering his head. Trash Converters owner Michelle Rowe said she attended court because she was "curious" and wanted to see "Batman unmasked".


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