Friday, March 28, 2014

Woman fined after slapping bottom pincher

A woman in eastern Sweden has been convicted of assault and fined for slapping a man in the face after he allegedly pinched her buttocks.

The Norrk√∂ping District Court ruled that a woman must pay 1,000 kronor (£95, $155) for slapping the man across the face.

The woman claimed that her violent response came after the man pinched her bottom, something he denies. The man, who claimed that he was left dizzy after sustaining the blow, was an acquaintance of the woman.

The court ruled that being pinched on the behind does not constitute an emergency situation and does not warrant a slap, and fined the woman and convicted her of assault.


Dunex said...

What is not mentioned is that they are members of two families who are feuding..

arbroath said...

Is that right?

Thanks for that.

MH said...

I would have slapped him too. That's messed up.

Insolitus said...

Yes, MH, slapping other people is messed up. That's why she was fined.