Monday, April 28, 2014

Baby safe after crawling across busy four-lane street

A baby boy was found crawling across a busy four-lane street in Brigham City, Utah. A driver who stopped and found the baby first thought he was a plastic bag blowing across the street.

"As the driver got closer she realized it was a baby crawling across the road in the number one lane," said Lt. Dennis Vincent of Brigham City Police.

"She picked the baby up and located a residence where she thought the baby belonged." Vincent said the baby's 7-year-old sister answered the door. The mother was home and contacted by police.

Vincent said the sister had taken the baby out of the crib outside to play, then somehow the baby got out of the backyard. Police contacted the Division of Child and Family Services, but no charges were immediately filed. However, the investigation is still ongoing, Vincent said.

With news video.

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